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The initial Meet n' Greet is performed to meet you and your animal(s) and I pick up your paperwork and key or remote at this time. There is no cost for the Meet n' Greet. If you acquire an additional animal, or would like a visit since your animal has not seen me in a year or two, then this visit is charged at the current rate of one pet sit visit at $20.

I do NOT pick up keys or garage remotes left outside. For safety reasons, I must pick up your key or remote from you in person. If I have already been to the Meet n' Greet, then this additional visit will be charged at the current rate of one pet sit visit at $20.

With cats, I require daily visits to make sure that your cat is doing well physically and mentally. I ensure that your cat is eating and is creating appropriate output. I do NOT pet sit for those who want every other day visits for their cat(s).

If a dog or cat is diabetic and requires insulin shots twice daily, these will be accomplished at twelve hour intervals.

If a dog or cat requires medications twice daily, these will be accomplished in the range of eight to twelve hour intervals.

For cat parents who would like their cats seen twice daily, these visits will be conducted during other visits throughout the day.

If you have been locked out of your house, you can contact me and I will bring your key to you at the rate of one pet sit visit at $20.

If you would like your key sent back to you, there is a charge of $2.50 for handling of the key and drop-off at the post office.

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment please contact me at 214-677-5487 or 972-563-2219.

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