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I first knew Merceda as a fellow volunteer with a local animal rescue group and was amazed at her dedication to the cats she fostered. Later I was fortunate enough to become her neighbor and be able to use her when I needed a pet sitter. I say "fortunate" because I had two dogs I'd fostered who weren't very adoptable due to prior abuse that led to behavioral issues. I was very hesitant to use a standard pet sitting service. Merceda knew just how to handle the dogs, as well as taking great care of my cats, and I had absolutely no reservations about handing over a key to my house so that I could call on her anytime I needed a sitter. It was such a relief to be able to leave town and know that all my babies were in such good hands. Her background as a vet tech provided even more confidence that whatever might happen in my absence, she was well-equipped to deal with it. I only regret that she has now moved out of my area. If you want someone you can trust completely with your precious pets, you won't find anyone better qualified.
                                                                                             Crystal Ferguson

Merceda is a trustworthy and caring pet sitter. She goes above and beyond just feeding and making sure my cat had fresh water. She brushed Ms Kitty and also left us a note letting us know what Ms Kitty was up to while we were away.
                                                                                                    Vicki Alfeo

I have used Merceda several times and have not been disappointed. She takes excellent care of my three big dogs and my little kitty cat. One of my dogs is scared of thunder, no matter the time of day Merceda lets her inside. She picks up after them and let me tell you there's alot to pick up. Also cleans the litter box and waters my plants. Dependable and most important loves my animals. Highly recommend her.
                                                                                                Jackie Winchester

For over a decade Merceda has taken care of my feline family members when we are out of town. Her love and concern for their welfare is the reason we use her. Besides feeding and cleaning up, she spends time playing with them. I've always felt when we returned that our pets let us fill the void until she visits them again. We use no one else.
                                                                                                      Art Mulligan

Merceda is the best caregiver to pets. Our cat was on medication and she never had a problem getting him to take his meds. She doesn't just provide your pet with the basics, but she goes above and beyond. She writes a summary of each visit which we always looked forward to reading when we would return home. Not only did she take good care of our cat for us, but she would pick up our mail and newspapers and bring them inside without us asking her to do this. It was such a relief knowing that Merceda was taking care of our cat for us. We were able to enjoy our trip knowing our 'baby' was well cared for. She truly loves animals and treats yours as her own.
                                                                                                    Denise Bowers

We have utilized Merceda's pet sitting services for many years. She took care of our blessed Wobbs who finally passed away at 21 years of age. He was diabetic, and Merceda would feed him and wait until the food was in his system before giving him his shot twice a day. She takes care of Phoebe and Hana, both of who are on medicine and she medicates them with no trouble by putting the pills into moist food. And Phoebe has a urinary issue and Merceda always cleans up after Phoebe's messes and we come home to a clean house and happy cats. I wouldn't ask anyone else to take care of my animals and my house.
                                                                                                    Linda Schnyder

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Pawsum and our place. We can tell he's been pampered! It was so nice not to have to worry about him and the house while we were away. I especially enjoyed the daily notes that you left.
                                                                                                     Terri Wimpee

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